Selling Tips

Selling Tips

Watch this video for some great tips on getting your home sold.


Buyers want to purchase a home that they can imagine moving right into. Moving into a new home is a large task and buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for your home do not want to have to fix it up before moving in. The check list below will help get your home into shape so that you can get the most money for your home in the shortest time possible. This list will also help you get ready to move.

  1. Keep in mind that most people want to imagine their life in their new home not your life in your old home. A great way to get your home ready do this is to have a friend or relative who does not live with walk through the home with this checklist to get you started.
  2. Declutter your home. Buyers who tour homes are going to open every door and look in all the places that your old stuff has been stashed for safe keeping. Either donate your old unwanted items or arrange for storage off site. If you appear to have outgrown your home buyers will have the fear that they will do the same. Plus it makes your home look smaller. This applies to closets, garages, and basements too.
  3. Give attention to the outside of your home. It will be the first thing that your prospective buyer sees. Clean the siding, power wash the walkways, drive way, decks and outdoor patio surfaces.
  4. Spruce up the landscaping. Pull any weeds, replace any dead trees, bushes or flowers, apply a fresh layer of mulch or stone to the beds to make them look as if they were just completed.
  5. Give attention to your outdoor furniture and fixtures. Replace faded or torn cushions power wash the furniture, clean the grille, and check your outdoor light fixtures for blown out bulbs, bugs and cobwebs. If an item does not look great replace it or remove it.
  6. Trim trees and bushes away from the house. Also clean out the gutters that may have collected leaves and debris.
  7. Clean your kitchen thoroughly. Clean out the fridge, the oven and the microwave. Take the grates off of your stove top and clean them or replace them if needed.
  8. Give special attention to closets. Closets should look organized and decluttered. If your closets are packed full it makes them look smaller than they are. Get storage bins and pack all of your off season clothes away. This will reduce the amount of stuff in your closet and be a great first step to getting ready to move.
  9. Pull your washer and dryer out from the wall and clean that area out of lint, detergent spills and any items that may have fallen.
  10. Use a shop-vac to vacuum your baseboards and window corners of any dirt that may have built up over time.
  11. Wipe down the baseboards and window sills. Inspect the paint while you do so.
  12. Paint rooms that need it. If the colors are faded or if they are too strong of a color paint the room a soft and neutral color. You don’t want buyers referring to your home as “The one with the bright purple bedroom”.
  13. Have your carpets cleaned. Also steam clean any upholstered furniture that doesn’t look new.
  14. Check for odors. For those who have pets this is especially important. Get rid of litter boxes and clean up or remove pet feeding areas. Do whatever you need to get rid of pet odors don’t just try to hide them with air fresheners. Have a friend or neighbor who does not have pets come over to give your home a smell test. You are not the best person to judge how your house smells.
  15. Put everything away. Imagine that your favorite celebrity was coming to your home to visit you and tour your home. What would you not want them to see?
  16. Give special attention to bath rooms. Take everything off of the vanity counters. Bathrooms need to look and smell clean. Wash or replace your shower curtains and make sure hand towels are matching and folded neatly. Also, address any tile that has dirty, faded or missing grout. Imagine that you are trying to make your bathroom look like the bathroom in a nice hotel room that you just check in to.
  17. Dust your blinds, clean your windows inside and out and clean or repaint weathered or faded shutters.
  18. Oil the hinges on any squeaky doors.
  19. Make the beds with matching pillows and bedspreads.
  20. Depersonalize your home. Take down your family pictures and pack them away. You want people focused on your home not your life.
  21. Remember that fact that you are moving. Packing things away is a great start. If you see something that is not coming with you to your next home than you should get rid of it now. Less stuff shows more house.

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